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Should I Stay or Should I Go….

April 30, 2014
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April 29, 2014
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May 1, 2014

I've never been a break neck speed hiker by any means.

I tend to gawk at all the sights, more often then not looking up into the trees versus the trial in front of me. I really like to take it all in and enjoy discovering little scenes of beauty within the big picture. It's fun to find those hidden treasures that can get passed or overlooked so easily.

Recently, I went for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park to a pretty popular trail. This trail leads you by 4 different lakes in a fairly short distance. You can really see some amazing places along the way. Wide open views of the valley or mountain ranges! Amazing forest scenes, especially in winter when they are covered in snow. Getting an amazing photo just takes walking a few steps.

As I was hiking along at a pretty casual pace, saying hello to the passing hikers, I really started to notice other than an occasional stop for a selfie or drink of water everyone was buzzing up and down the mountain like an army of ants. I wished I could have seen it from the sky looking down, I'm sure it would resemble an ant hill….a single file steady stream of busy little workers. I really started to wonder why everyone seemed to be in such a hurry.

Don't we venture into the outdoors to relax, recharge and escape the busy day to day life?

"Don't we venture into the outdoors to relax, recharge and escape the busy day to day life?"

Don't we venture into the outdoors to relax, recharge and escape the busy day to day life? It's not for me to tell anyone how they should enjoy nature, but I was surprised to see how quickly some seem to be to leave the wilderness.

As I reached my destination that day, I found a spot with a perfect view between two trees and hung my Hammock! My purpose that day was to enjoy the incredible views and just simply "be". I sat there gently swinging back and forth, saying hello to passing hikers, having small conversations with those stopping briefly to snap a picture or talk about my hammock…lol (it is quite colorful and draws a bit of attention). I would see the same groups going up and coming down all the while still relaxing.

There was so much determination on so many faces going up and pushing forward to conquer the trail that day. I really started to reflect and wonder if we have been so programed by society to be so task oriented that the journey is just something to get through? I'll never know what each person had set out to do that day, but I can say I didn't have any company just enjoying the beauty that was all around us. Has it become a bad thing or considered unproductive, possibly even lazy, to slow down and enjoy? Are we constantly chasing this far off "goal" that unless we are moving at a fast pace we feel like we're getting behind? We all can agree that life in general has picked up pace significantly over that past generation. The amount of effort to reach or accomplish goals in the business world has definitely increased if not doubled. What once worked doesn't seem to cut it anymore.


My concern is the strain that this pace is causing and placing on different areas of our lives, our health, our emotional state and mental health. Don't forget to have that child like amazement. Where everything is so incredible. Slow down, take pictures with your camera and your eyes. Remember to unplug, unwind and reconnect back to those roots that recharge your soul. Find what puts that sparkle in your eye and immerse yourself in it! It's ok to give yourself grace, it's ok to not make it to the end of the trail! Go as far as you want, as fast as you want, just make sure you are really enjoying yourself. The world needs the best YOU!

What are your thoughts? What draws you into nature? I want to hear what you experience!


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