About Me


Mitch In Colorado

Launched in 2016 with a passion for community and the relationships they create, for those searching for their #tribe and looking to connect with like minded adventurers. The ones that can't seem to keep their cameras put away! You might be just setting out to take on this amazing opportunity we call life. Others might already be in the "trenches", carving out their place. Where ever you are in your journey be it on the trail, casting your fly line or maybe climbing out on that sketchy rock for the perfect shot, it's great to connect with you.

You guessed already but i'm Mitch in Colorado. My furry partner with me in the picture is my adventure puppy Aspyn. We love to be out experiencing nature and capturing moments along the way. Taking that new road that we've never driven down before and we want to get to know you and learn about your story. Everyone sees the world through a unique set of circumstances that ultimately shape who we are. But even with these drastic differences there is an element that connects us all. THE OUTDOORS! The song that nature sings might sound different to each of us but we all hear it and gravitate to it!

If you feel a certain peace by the sound of your boots stepping across the gravel and pushing yourself more than you thought possible. You might be the one that is always saying "hang on a minute I need to get this shot" This is the place for you!

A little about me, I'm a Hammock Nut! Seriously i take one with me everywhere I go and usually have enough for friends to enjoy as well. I absolutely love backpacking into high Alpine lakes for some fly fishing. Or just hopping in the car and taking a road I've never been down before. Originally from New Mexico where I was born and raised but moved to Colorado as fast as I could. I've called it home now for 16 years and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I've had a serious case of wanderlust my whole life, always looking for the next adventure or new place to explore.

I hope to create and cultivate a community of Outdoor Enthusiasts and our experiences to share with one another.